Wardrobe cum Vanity Designers in Delhi

Wardrobe cum Vanity Designers in Delhi 


Delhi has a large population with people belonging to different age groups. And for the today’s generation, the right wardrobe is very important. Delhi is a city where modern and traditional mix, and in such a city, one can expect the need for modular wardrobe designs aimed at maximising storage. Modular wardrobes these days store a variety of products including numerous styles of fashion, various accessories like watches, bags and jewellery, and shoes- each item having a designated space. 

Wardrobes have evolved over the past few centuries from being trunks to wooden almirahs to stand alone structures. They haven’t stopped and are still evolving into sliding wardrobes , walk-ins glass doored ones and much more. As the needs and demands increase, bedroom wardrobes designs in Gurgaon and Delhi are becoming more complex. Custom modular wardrobes come with numerous accessories themselves like safety deposit boxes, mirrors and other fixtures. 

Luxury Wardrobes


Wardrobes designer in Delhi face numerous challenges in terms of design and installation of wardrobes and vanities for different spaces. Especially with luxury wardrobes, numerous aspects need to be considered when deciding on a design. The general design of a wardrobe, the material used, the lighting, the internal and external fittings, accessories and amenities are a few of the aspects. Designing wardrobes gives vanity designers in Delhi a chance to get creative and innovative. For deciding the best custom modular wardrobes is hard given the various facets involved, and Zion Living will be your perfect companion throughout that journey. We partner with RAEM Designs amongst others, one of the best modular kitchen and wardrobe interior designer in Delhi to give you amazing designs which are unique, aesthetic and space efficient. 

Luxury Vanity Designs


Not every bathroom has a perfectly designed vanity. In most houses, there simply exists a bathroom. Very few houses plan and decorate their bathroom areas using vanities. A bathroom vanity unit is generally seen as bathroom cabinetry consisting of the sink and storage, concealing the pipes, valves and related plumbing.

In your house, you would expect the vanity unit to meet all your requirements and also meet your aesthetic preferences at the same time. There are numerous styles to choose from, similar to the numerous architectural styles available. You would ideally choose one which matches with the rest of your house. Along with deciding the style, you would also need to decide on the required appliances, the bathroom fittings like door knobs and handles and the storage cabinets to name a few. A perfectly comfortable vanity unit would also require automation for entertainment and security. Hence, planning and designing a vanity unit can require the same attention to detail as any other part of the house. This is why you would want to reach out to experts in this field. 

Zion Living


At Zion Living, having been in the industry for almost 10 years and working on over 20 projects, we provide you with completely unique and customised products and services, guaranteeing that our wooden cupboards and modular wardrobes are one of a kind and make you want to come back for more.