Modular Kitchen Designers

Modular Kitchen Designs


Kitchens are an intrinsic part of every house. It is where people spend most of their time when at home, churning out the best meals for their families and friends. It is a place not identified with cooking alone anymore but has evolved into a place fostering relationships and spending quality time chit-chatting with dear ones as they cook their best dishes. With this evolution of the kitchen spaces from being a private part of the house to almost being a social space, people wishing to renovate their kitchens or build new ones expect more efficient and modern kitchen designs.


Today’s kitchens prove to be a place for culinary explorations and discoveries. The changing lifestyles and new modern standards of living require kitchens to have more functional capabilities and simultaneously be aesthetically pleasing. With the development of kitchen technology and the fast-paced world, having a modular kitchen speeds work up ensuring time for other activities. Thus, developed the concept of modular kitchens design. With a modern look and cutting-edge technology in a kitchen setting, the modular kitchen concept is a growing trend and is widely sought after for newly built or renovated houses.

Efficient Kitchen Designs


Modular kitchen designs are becoming a preferred addition to new houses. Replacing the conventional carpentered kitchens, these designer kitchens are easy to install, being manufactured in a factory and tailor-made according to the requirements of the end-users. Among the numerous modular kitchen designers in India, we, Zion Living, understand the desire for a good-looking, sleek and modern kitchen, without having to compromise on functionalities and space efficiency. We aim at providing interior designs for small kitchens which ensure optimum utilisation of space and efficient distance between your work triangle – the stove, refrigerator, and sink.


Having designed and built numerous modular kitchens in Gurgaon, we developed strong relations with some specialists and partnered with them, providing amazing designs to our customers. Kitchen interior designs demand careful planning of various aspects including efficient workspace, lighting, storage requirements, appliance requirements, and the look of the kitchen which decides the materials used. For this, we partnered with experts in the field of customised kitchens and wardrobes, RAEM Designs. Having set up their manufacturing unit, RAEM designs help Zion’s customers customise their kitchens and vanity according to their desires. We ensure an end to end service from designing the kitchen to finally installing and disinfecting it.

Modern kitchen designs require modern appliances. And when these appliances are automated, the functionality of the kitchen goes a notch up. Certain kitchen interior models are fitted with innovative and sophisticated equipment that require automation for the convenience of the user. For this, we partnered with Sigma Power tech, specialists in the field of home automation. Together, we customise the design and installation basis as per the needs of the users. We fit our customer’s kitchen with technology enabling communication with the appliances from around the globe, ensuring functioning and safety.


Grey Modular Kitchens 


The new fad in Indian homes is the grey modular kitchens. Owing to their versatile appearance just as black or white is, it is preferred for almost all styles and spaces. Grey, when given a glossy finish on surfaces makes any space appear larger than it is, making it a colour suitable for not only larges spaces but also for small spaces. When mixed with white, the colour combinations make a sophisticated statement and yet give a relaxed feel. Playing with different shades of grey and patterns delivers a jazzed-up look and a dynamic feel. Grey has the ability to pair with almost every colour on the colour palette and provide looks and feels from both ends of the spectrum starting from cosy to dashing to traditional to sophisticated. This explains why grey kitchens are currently in vogue. Having designed various white kitchens, we at Zion have ample experience in designing kitchens based on versatile singular colours.

New Modular Kitchen Designs


Apart from kitchen designs based on colour, various kitchen models also depend on the layout of the kitchen. U shaped modular kitchen design, L shaped kitchen design, straight modular kitchen designs, parallel modular kitchen designs, small modular kitchen, modular kitchen design l shape and island modular kitchen designs are a few of the modular kitchens available and in the market and largely preferred. The U shaped kitchens are very efficient and great at saving space and make more for storage. This is a versatile option, fitting all areas of space. It ensures all appliances are within reach when cooking. The L shaped kitchen is an efficient modular kitchen for small spaces and very spacious for large spaces. This layout ensures efficiency while cooking and fits perfectly into corners and open kitchen plans. Straight modular designs are the most basic form of kitchen layout. These are very economical and perfect for small spaces. Parallel kitchen designs are an amazing layout for eliminating the need to walk between two work areas. This is an ideal option for kitchens with a long and narrow space.


Apart from the regular kitchen models, Island modular kitchen designs are also in vogue in modular kitchens, especially with luxury styles. These include having a free-standing unit or counter of any size placed according to the layout of the kitchen. Islands can be easily paired with a straight, U shaped, L shaped or Parallel kitchen, depending on the available space. Islands prove to be space-saving. They can accommodate hobs and sinks or simply serve as a serving and breakfast table.

Design Your Modular Kitchen with a Designer


Having partnered with expert teams specialising in all styles of kitchens, we at Zion Living can provide all the above-mentioned styles of modular kitchens. However, often, homeowners are reluctant to try modular kitchens because of their steeping prices. But what we offer are not only luxury kitchen interiors but also low-cost modular kitchens, fitting almost everyone’s budget. We help design and build a cost-effective kitchen, covering all your requirements.


With the help of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Gurgaon, we have created various latest kitchen designs for numerous modular kitchens in Gurgaon. We are based in Gurgaon and provide services throughout India. We are your one-stop solution to all your interior designing needs. Visit our website for more details at