Customized Furniture

Bedroom Furniture 


Most newly built houses or renovated houses today prefer a personalised interior design. To suit that, homeowners naturally tend to look towards customised furniture to give the house a complete look. In the modern-day houses, bespoke furniture is the go-to, to fit the style and comfort of the homeowners. Designing your space and deciding on the furniture can be very overwhelming as there are various types and styles of furniture available. When it’s not just overwhelming but confusing as well, you would prefer having experts and specialists helping you. That’s where we step in. Zion Living is your one-stop solution to all your customised furnishing needs. Zion is known for its incredible interior designing and furnishing ideas. Having completed over 20 projects we have ample experience to make the best of your plain spaces. We have a wide variety of products offered to our customers including modular kitchen designers, customised wardrobes, workstations, and various other custom design furniture for all your preferences. 

Modular Office Furniture


Nobody likes working in a dull office. Modular office furniture does not only bring warmth into the office but also makes it a more comfortable space, giving you the peace required to work with. Most office spaces are designed to fit a lot of people, giving them small spaces to work in. For such an office setting, modular furniture is the ideal option as they are space-saving furniture. Modular furniture for offices helps accomplish flexibility, which is essential for saving space. For instance, modular tables can be produced in three pieces and rearranged to fit your space and needs. Such modular furniture is cost-effective and simultaneously reinforces privacy for the employees. Thus, modular office furniture is habitually the key to an effective and productive office. 

This is something we, Zion Living, specialise in. We partner with Studio Constantine, specialists in interior design, to deliver some of the best interior design ideas for spaces and customised furniture according to your specifications. Having designed and furnished various office spaces together, we can provide amazing and efficient furnishing ideas for your space, making it your ideal office. Our furnishing experience traverses through various spaces including office rooms, conference rooms, receptions and pantries, focussing on the lighting, table, chair, décor, and cabinet features of every room causing every office to be ergonomic.

Modular Furniture for Homes


Modular furnishing for homes is the current vogue in interior design. Homeowners prefer well designed and furnished homes to come to after a long day at work. Furnishing houses with modular furniture ensure efficient use of space and also gives the interior of the house a smart look, all features that make the heart content.

It is at its best when fitted into small places. With smart planning and designing, a modular kitchen can save space and also make the most out of every inch of your house. For example, some options available are customised sofa sets that convert into beds, customised beds that contain drawers and storage spaces, and customised dining tables which can expand or shrink according to your needs. Large spaces can fit more sophisticated modular furniture. Modular dressing tables or modular bedroom furniture proves to be more space-saving and also luxurious.

For good looking and efficient furnishing, Studio Constantine provides perfect designs. For furnishing homes, Zion is also backed by professionals in the field of wardrobe and kitchen customisation. RAEM Designs has helped us with designing and furnishing kitchens and wardrobes in numerous projects. Having set up their manufacturing unit, they provide complete customisation of all our products, according to our customers. This enables us to provide furnishing for spaces anywhere between small and large.

Bespoke Custom Made Furniture


The alternate options of modular furniture designs provide homeowners a variety to choose from. Generally, customers prefer buying complete customised furniture sets online. This is a feature Zion Living provides as well. An additional benefit with Zion Living is a guarantee in complete customisation and variety which is not available on many online platforms.

Buying complete sets might be beneficial in certain cases such as a brand-new house or renovating a whole room. This maintains coordination between the furniture in terms of colour, style, and finishing. However, buying additional furniture units for partial renovation instead of complete sets might lack this co-ordination. This is an aspect that can be avoided with us since we provide entirely customised furniture.

Bespoke furniture is how we solve this issue. With bespoke furniture, we reach a level of customisation where our clients can customise their products; not just the dimensions and colours but almost every aspect of the furniture. You can decide the wood you want, its thickness you prefer, the lamination, the handles, the lighting, the designs, etc. All you have to do is imagine the product and we deliver just that.

Modular Workstation Furniture


Most homes hardly ever have provisions for workstations simply because they never need it unless their work specifically requires one. Owing to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, it has become a necessity in almost every household housing working people. A simple table and chair are hardly enough anymore for working from home. Although workstations up till now required minimal effort in designing and furnishing, as demand for such provisions increases, we have upped our game. Combining our individual experience in both modular furnishing for homes and for offices, we are fully equipped to provide modular furniture ideas for offices in your homes that gives you the relaxed feeling of comfort while simultaneously ensuring your productivity. Our workstation designs range from a simple set up in a corner of the room to a mediocre set up in a spare room to a full-fledged set up in a room designed specifically as your office.

Until modular furniture became a trend, homeowners preferred carpentered furniture. That is still preferred in various parts of India. However, modular office furniture is much easier in almost every sense than carpentered furniture. It saves time and energy for the users. We, at Zion Living, take that another step ahead, making it budget-friendly and easy.