Architecture Building Design


Architecture is the process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and also the product of these processes. Most architectural buildings are considered as symbolic representation of either culture or nations or any simple idea that people believe in. However, all the talk about architecture and monumental buildings can easily misguide an amateur to believe only such structures relate to architecture and architectural building designs. In reality, architecture involves every building including offices, commercial spaces, and houses to name a few. 

Since the late 20th century, buildings are becoming more complex by the day in terms of structural systems, energy, technology, and functions. To add to that, various movements promoting sustainable approaches to construction have impacted the architectural profession. Here, at Zion Living, we ensure that we take up sustainable approaches when producing architectural designs and throughout the implementation process as well. 

Office Architecture Designs

The focus of modern architecture has evolved and slowly shifted from “Vitruvius” utility to functionality to environmental sustainability. With the latest architectural designs focused on making a statement and winning titles, innovation experimentation has reached newer heights. Commercial spaces are designed with the ideas of creative, fun, and exciting for employees, all the while ensuring that the productivity of employees is retained. They also emphasis environmental issues focusing on sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is a mainstream issue having a profound effect on architecture. Building architects look to add passive solar building design, greener roof designs, and biodegradable materials to the building plans. With simple building designs, they pay more attention to the structures' energy usage to ensure optimum utilisation of the structure and the design. These are concepts which prove to be essential in the modern days. However, it still hasn’t taken a full form in the Indian architectural market. Architects in India and their clientele focus more on budget and the whole structure fitting their purpose.

In India, commercial architecture has not yet seen a peak in creative and innovative ideas of the western style. The modern building design remains related to traditional architecture in many senses. They are yet to completely give in to the sustainability concept. 

Residential Architecture Building Designs


One would think that with time, home building designs would evolve and change. But house plans are very different from office plans primarily due to the user types. Although India has a young population on average, the average age group that has the purchasing power to own a house is usually people over the ages 45 to 50. This is most probably why India would not see much development in building designs. However, with the generation to come, the Indian concepts of house architecture designs are bound to see a new phase with more involvement from the western ideas and concepts.

Modern Residential Building Design


The basic idea behind constructing a modern residential building design is to provide safety and security to the people living under the roof. Which is why house architecture has never been easy. It is essential that the house owners feel safe and secure and at the same time, don’t feel like the house is being imposed on them. This depends on the house design. Developing a house that speaks to the hearts of the homeowners is an architect’s forte. 

Apartment building designs are mostly very neutral and the exterior building design is most often very mundane and all the houses are similar from the outside. Architects and home interior designers take it upon them to decorate and design the house into something special for every homeowner. 

Innovation in Architecture


Designing and constructing a house that pleases the homeowners functionally and aesthetically is a complicated task and that’s where we, Zion, step in. Zion Living is backed by a few of the best residential architecture designers in India. We partnered with The Design Firme, experts in the field of architecture with over 20 years of experience. They have completed numerous projects, all over India, of all budgets and modern styles architecture. They have worked on diversified projects like villas, townships, mansions, group housing, and affordable housing units. They have completed styles ranging anywhere between a traditional house design to modern architecture house plans. They also have completed several commercial and corporate projects. At Zion Living, we understand your functional and technical requirements & simultaneously aspire to create an experience for our clients. We will help you get your planning process off the ground by designing the best quality, budget-friendly plans with the latest technology.

Architecture and interior design are a field we, Zion Living, expertise in. We have completed over 20 projects in Gurgaon, Gurugram, Delhi/NCR and Noida. At Zion Living, we not only help clients with interior design but also with architectural consulting services. Backed by professionals in the field of interior design, architecture, modular kitchen designer and home automation, we have completed several turnkey projects, both residential and commercial. Based on our experience in this area and our customer feedback, we assure you that we are one of the best architectural consulting services in India.