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Wardrobes have evolved from being small trunks to standing closets to a small room dedicated just for clothes, shoes, and accessories. In most cities, people will expect to have a large wardrobe to fit in clothing, both formal and casual wear. Gurgaon is no different! With a population of over 8.5 lakhs and housing numerous small-scale offices and over 250 offices belonging to the Fortune 500 companies list, this is a buzzing city with a lot of varied fashion tastes. Naturally, homeowners would prefer sizable designer modular wardrobes to store their numerous styles of clothing. 


Deciding on a wardrobe’s various aspects such as the style, size, colour, accessories, and fittings, can be very confusing owing to the availability of numerous bedroom wardrobe designs in Gurgaon. At Zion Living, we make this easy for you by helping you understand the types of wardrobe best suited to your lifestyle, needs and preferences.

Wardrobe Ideas


There are numerous modular wardrobe designs for customers to choose from. In small rooms, it is practically impossible to make storage spaces. Thus, in the past there never really were many wardrobe designs for small bedrooms up until the introduction of modern wardrobes that were multi-functional. When there is absolutely little to no space, setting up a wardrobe with a study table and a bunk bed above the wardrobe would be sufficient and trendy. Another idea suiting young adults and teenagers would be wardrobes with in-built study tables. 


There are many more ideas for custom modular wardrobes when the space dealt with is large. For instance, you can place a wooden almirah for a traditional look or a sliding wardrobe for a more modern look. You can also club a wooden cupboard and modular wardrobe together to make more storage and give your room a sophisticated look. Some modern homes even consider an open walk-in concept with modular fittings or glass doors to give an expansive look to the wardrobe. Backed by experts in interior design and architecture, we are the right wardrobe designer in Gurgaon for you and we can help you decide the perfect wardrobe for your rooms.


Vanity Designs


Choosing the right vanity style and fittings can be confusing. You would expect the vanity to match with the rest of the house. Modern vanities ensure that you have the same comfort in there that you have throughout the house. Vanities are installed with modern technology like music systems and calling systems, ensuring connectivity throughout the house. We provide functions like these for your vanity and walk-in wardrobes. 


Wardobe cum Vanity Designers


Although there aren’t many vanity designers in Gurgaon, certain companies do design and manufacture vanities. However, we don’t simply design and manufacture Vanity ideas. Zion specialises in vanity designs. Our partners at ‘RAEM Designs’ are experts in customised wardrobes, vanities and kitchens. They provide unique ideas, both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, according to the need of our customers.

Zion Living


We value customer satisfaction and hence based on the feedback that we received, we can safely say that we are your perfect solution for modular kitchen as well as wardrobe and vanity interior designs in Gurgaon.