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Interior designing is an art, aiming at enhancing user experience by better utilising the given space in the environment. Long gone are the days when interior designing was considered an ostentatious display of one’s preferences, sensitivity, and taste in decorating spaces. Over time, the importance of having spaces taken care of by specialists for efficient use concurrently pleasing aesthetically was understood and hence increased. 


Certain tasks every interior designer handle include planning, researching, coordinating, and managing projects to obtain an adequately healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for those who use it. To enhance the living experience in a space, the behaviours and desires of the users must be understood. To create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, an interior designer must be able to manipulate the layout of the space, be attentive to comfort conditions like thermal, lighting and acoustic, and also ergonomics. As a final touch, materials used and coatings must be considered as these are the factors representing the designer’s vision and the needs of the users. Understanding these aspects ensures better ideas and visions for a interior designer and helps understand the need for home interior designers.


Residential Interior Design Services


A well decorated and designed space where one’s day begins and ends can be very influential. Designing a brand-new house can be very confusing, deciding on the bland flooring and the stark walls and wondering how to convert this into a comfort zone. A similar predicament occurs when renovating or redecorating a house. This is when getting help from experts in this field would be a good idea. We, at Zion Living, have partnered with few of the best companies in the various fields of house designing, striving to give our clients their perfect house.


Designing a residential unit is interesting and fun. Decorating duplex designs are even more so because of their design and canvas. It provides space for creativity. Planning for duplex houses needs more effort as there are too many aspects in play and the various parts of a duplex house requires good planning and creativity to bring out the true colours, aesthetics, and ambience of the duplex design. Similarly with residential villa designs and 4 bedroom house plans, deciding on the style of the kitchen, the paints for the walls, the false ceiling design, home décor, living room designs, a designer must carefully make the choices to create an interior design which not only suits the user’s budget, preferences, and personality but also fit the character of the building.


Design Partner from our Alliances


Having partnerships with Studio Constantine (Interior designs), The Design Firme (architects), RAEM Designs (customised kitchen and wardrobes) and Sigma Power Tech (home automation), we are a one stop solution to all your interior designing service needs in India. Studio Constantine provides amazing home designs. Being home interior designers with over 16 years of experience, they along with our architect specialists from The Design Firme, provide house interior designs for the hearts, making it your home.


Workspace Interior Design Solutions


Most interior designers design not just residential plans but also workspaces such as office buildings, restaurants, and cafes. Workplaces are business tools, an environment reflecting and reinforcing the core values of the business through its different teams. When designing an office building, the most important aspect to be kept in mind is the work culture of that industry, the needs of the employers and employees, and the core values and beliefs of the company. Concepts to be kept in mind are the colours of the walls, the tables and chairs, the setting of windows and doors in terms of lighting, the amenities in the office, and so on, creating a space that ensures the maximum efficiency.


However, not all workspaces are employee-centric. Workplaces like restaurants and cafes are all about the ambience for their customers. Again, lighting, thermal, acoustics, decor, and ergonomics play an important role in the interior designs of such social places. Creativity is key to designing such spaces as a better-designed restaurant receives more customers. 

We, at Zion Living, provide services having in mind all these aspects of a workplace. Along with our design and architect partners, we also partnered with Sigma Power Tech, a company specialising in home automation. They provide technology which can ensure the safety and security of your workplace, keeping you in touch with all your electrical appliances and technology in your workspace, at all times from all around the globe.

Interior Design Services in India


In ancient India, architects doubled as interior designers to fully develop their vision. Interior designing was not considered a profession for long. It was the concern of the homemaker or craftsmen and artisans who would advise on the artistic style for an interior. Towards the mid-20th century, Interior Designing Services in India took a turn, taking influence from the western ideas on interior decorations and designing. 


Overtime in India, rapid urbanisation caused a change in the lifestyle of people, increasing their income levels and purchasing powers. Indians developed a taste for the high-end lifestyle, wanting unique, sophisticated, and well-equipped interior designs for their homes. This newly developed preference fuelled the interior decorations industry in the past few years. And that is how the various interior designing services in India began.


With the development of numerous interior designing services in India, a wide range of options from the western styles such as the Victorian era style and renaissance style, rustic and transitional styles, and also traditional Indian styles became available to the Indian population. A few top Interior designers in India, who also provide luxury interior designing, are Morphogenesis, Nitido interior design, The White Window, The Design Cell, and Studio Lotus. Apart from companies, many interior designers also freelance.

Interior designing has been a growing field for over decades and we, Zion Living, a relatively newer company in the Indian market, bring in fresh ideas through our partnership with well-established companies and individuals. Based out of Gurgaon, we are amongst the best interior designers in Gurgaon and also in Delhi. Our completed projects include designing luxury apartments, stand-alone mansions, office spaces, and also restaurants and cafes like Starbucks. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction and so, for the best interior designers in Delhi, you’ve got us.