Modular Kitchen Designers in Delhi

Modular Kitchen Designers in Delhi


Delhi is the second-largest urban area according to the United Nations. Most urban spaces are buzzing, busy with an active lifestyle. In such cities, it is essential to understand the importance of modular kitchens. In a busy household, the kitchen is the first place any person would visit and the last place they retire from for the day, after a long day’s work. When working strenuously, one would naturally expect a perfect kitchen, one that looks aesthetically pleasing and calming, as well as convenient, and efficient. Modular kitchens in Delhi are trending for this exact reason. 

Kitchen Layouts


A kitchen has various layout models like the U-shaped modular kitchen, island kitchens, and straight modular kitchens. The most commonly preferred style is the L shaped modular kitchen in Gurgaon and Delhi. This style is very efficient and ergonomic. It is also very adaptable, fitting into any size and space. 

We work with top modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, to bring to you your perfect kitchen. We’ve partnered with ‘RAEM Designs’, experts in customised kitchens and wardrobes, to help you select your ideal kitchen layout and design it for you according to your requirements and preferences. We not only design it for you, but we also install it with complete sanitation features in place. Having set up their own manufacturing unit, our partners at RAEM enable 100% customisation, ensuring your designs are unique and fitting according to you, making your kitchen one of the best modular kitchen in Delhi.

Residential and Commercial Kitchens


In the modern days, a kitchen has been more of a lab where one experiments with food, creating new dishes. This requires the kitchen to have more functional capabilities. Residential modular kitchen in Gurugram and Delhi require this facility due to the high activity in daily life, bringing in the need for efficient kitchens. The layout of the kitchen needs to be considered given the positioning of the key appliances and the work triangle – that is the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove.

When it comes to commercial kitchens, it forms the heart of a restaurant. A well-organised restaurant kitchen enhances the productivity of the chef and other members of the kitchen staff. In a commercial kitchen the designated workstations, in accordance with the kitchen staff’s role, need to be carefully designed such that the kitchen functions in a smooth assembly line to create the perfect delectable dishes.  This is an aspect which Zion focuses on, helping restaurant owners get the best out of their kitchen space.


Modular kitchen Delhi prices are based on your requirements and size of the kitchen. At Zion Living, we provide services and products fitting budgets of people from all walks of life, giving you the best modular kitchen quote in Delhi. 

Zion Living - A Perfect Kitchen Partner

Along with ‘RAEM Designs’, we have also partnered with ‘Sigma Power Tech’, experts in the field of home automation, to ensure your kitchen appliances are working, safe and secure at all times. Backed by these well-experienced teams, we ensure that with us, you have the best modular kitchen interior designers and decorators in Gurgaon and Delhi.