Customised Furniture in Gurgaon

Customised Furniture in Gurgaon


The ambience of any room is decided by the furniture in it. In a busy satellite city like Gurgaon, a well-furnished office or home can change your mood or opinion about subjects.  Hence the need for a pleasant, soothing and serene atmosphere. For this, you would need experts in modular home furniture in Gurgaon. We are your one stop solution for home and office needs. We provide modular furniture fitting the style of modern-day houses in keep with the comfort of its homeowners.

At Zion Living, we partner with ‘Studio Constantine’ and ‘RAEM Designs’ amongst others to give you the best modular furniture designs in Gurgaon.

Residential Furniture


Every house requires furniture which fits requirements of the home owner and also looks aesthetically pleasing. This can be a task as it requires understanding the underlying needs and preferences of the homeowners before designing a layout and selecting furnishing. To make the whole process of deciding types of furniture required, its style, the colour and other aspects of furnishing, you would want to get the help of specialists. That’s where we step in. our partners at Zion Living have set up their very own manufacturing unit to help us provide customised furniture in Gurgaon. 

We provide modular home furniture in Gurgaon fitting all budgets. We are able to understand what our customers need exactly and replicate their ideas into the physical space, giving them some top-class luxury furniture in Gurgaon. Hence, we are one of the leading custom furniture shops in Gurgaon.

Modular Office Furniture


Deciding on office furniture for a newly decorated office is an equally compelling task as deciding furniture for homes. Gurgaon is home to over 250 offices belonging to the Fortune 500 companies list.  This is a major reason as to why companies expect a 100% professional setting for their office. Being a hotspot for offices, modular furniture manufacturers in Gurgaon face many challenging situations. Modular office furniture in Gurgaon requires careful consideration of numerous aspects including, the theme, company structure, Gurgaon’s climate and ergonomics. 


Furniture which suit the reception vary vastly to furniture apt for the conference room. Offices also require deciding furniture for the vanity, the employee cabins and even bathrooms. Corroboration of all the rooms in an office building is essential as uniformity is seen as a positive sign. This is a task you can bravely entrust us with.

Modular Furniture - Zion Living


Zion Living is an experienced company, backed by various specialists to be one of the best modular furniture company in Gurgaon, catering to all your furnishing needs. We ensure that we provide high quality products fitting your budget. Customer satisfaction is essential to us and hence we ensure that we are approachable by you at any point for any queries.