Architects in Delhi

Architects in Delhi


Delhi has a long history in terms of architecture since the ancient periods. Home to monuments like the Qutab Minar, Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple or the Yogmaya Temple, a structure believed to be from the era of Mahabharata, it is also home to the top architectural firms in Delhi. Owing to the city’s rich culture and heritage that can be seen through its architecture across the Lutyens Delhi and major Government buildings, many architects have set up base in Delhi. Containing architecture belonging to various periods and dynasties with architectural relics dating back to the 6th century BCE, this city has seen the evolution of architecture and its allying fields.

Architecture is as important for residential and commercial spaces as it is for monumental buildings. In modern days, buildings are becoming more complex in terms of structural systems, materials used, and technology to name a few. 

Residential Architecture


Although the architecture for residential buildings has not completely westernised in traditional sense, it is continuously moving towards a modern look. With the generations to come, residential structures in Delhi would evolve with more involvement from the western ideas. Architecture firms in Gurugram and Delhi endeavour to provide houses that are a perfect blend of contemporary as well as modern keeping the user tastes and comfort in mind. Thus, the best residential architects in Delhi have adjusted to accommodate the needs of every type of customer and every budget, while ensuring that they provide what the homeowners envisioned. 


At Zion Living, we have partnered with ‘The Design Firme’, a specialist in architecture for residences and commercial buildings, and one of the top architects, to be one of the best architectural companies in Delhi. The house speaks to our architects just as it speaks to you, the homeowners. This is precisely how we can bring to life your dream home from just your visions. 


Commercial Architecture


We are amongst the well-known commercial architects in Delhi. Our endeavour is to provide creative, fun, and exciting designs in line with the Company’s culture while simultaneously ensuring maximum productivity from the employees. Delhi has constantly ranked in the top 5 of India’s most polluted cities. Hence, top architects in Delhi have been constantly under pressure to ensure environmental sustainability while creating unique designs. This is a concept that Zion Living handles with ease. We provide commercial designs that are more environmentally conscious and modern at the same time.

Architecture firms in Delhi and also architects in Gurugram are constantly engaged in an attempt to increase the use of the creative and innovative ideas of the western style of architecture. Although not completely possible yet, this is an undertaking that Zion Living, along with the best architects in Delhi, is attempting to succeed in. 


Zion Living

Along with ‘The Design Firme’ and backed by ‘Sigma Power Tech’, Zion Living strives towards customer satisfaction. We take pride in our services and products, and with a combined total of over 25 years’ experience, we are one of the best architecture firms in Delhi.